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Bronwyn: the sheep character who inspired this project was created by myself and Colleen Thatcher, a dear departed colleague, and I am continuing to use this image in her memory

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A cornucopia of verse for all age groups.
Poetry written to make you laugh, cry or just think. Always to entertain.

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Ghosts and Other Aberrations - August 2018 - By David Hayes

Aberration is such a good word. The dictionary definition says it is 'a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically an unwelcome one'. Most of my stories contain such things. These tales are fictional, and for entertainment purposes only (as all the paranormal TV programmes state), but that doesn't mean that they COULDN'T actually happen, does it? Many of the stories are based on my own theories on ghosts, the afterlife and other supernatural occurrences. Some are meant as cautionary tales against using the paranormal and occult as a plaything. This book is a follow-on from my previous book 'Mysteria - An anthology of spooky and mysterious tales'. It is meant to be enjoyed in a quiet room when you are all alone. A room where the light throws certain corners into darkness. It is in those corners that the demons and anomalies in my book dwell - there.....and in your nightmares.







Heckrington Peck and Friends - by Graham Knight (Author),‎ Harry Whitewolf (Illustrator).


Heckerington Peck is probably the cleverest cockerel in the world and he doesn’t even crow about it. Everyone loves him.

Known as Hecky Peck to his friends on the farm he truly is a hero amongst them because time after time he comes to the rescue in times of trouble. He always keeps calm under pressure and he always has a plan. Read his incredible story and see for yourself how this gallant rooster lives up to his reputation as he goes about the day to day life on Hencote farm in the picturesque village of Hecklethwaite.









The Strange One: A Short Prehistoric Fantasy- By Bernie Morris

It could have been like this - we don't really know. Otherwise, where did our humanity, such as it is, actually come from?









The 1963 Assassination of President Trump - by G.B. Hope

When Jack Knowles is murdered by terrorists while on holiday in Florence, he wakes in a place between "life, and what comes next." The 25-year-old Englishman is required to play a game which determines the lifespan of other people back on earth. Now known as Knowles Three, he plays alongside Bieber Twelve, Rowling Ten and Williams Five Thousand and Two. After coming to terms with his fate, Knowles Three enjoys the company of his colleagues. He and Bieber Twelve are a little bit rebellious - at one stage leaving the game area, which allows Knowles Three to have an emotional reunion with his late mother.











Never Marry a Biker - By Elizabeth M. Clarke (Foreword by David Clarke)


This book is the follow-up to Pack Your Bags and Get Out by Dave Clarke. That story told of a 3,500 mile motorcycle trip around the coast of Great Britain in 2007 in what was the wettest June on record up to that date.
That was my story. This is my wife, Elizabeth’s: A true story told in her own words as precisely as she recalled it, with help from her sister Jean’s recollections of dates and family history from the early years and how, as a member of a large young family, living in an austerity filled world of poor housing and social degradation, she faced the early trials and pitfalls of growing up, whilst witnessing first hand the gradual demise and eventual collapse of her parents’ stormy marriage. Then the even bigger trials of meeting and marrying ‘Biker Dave’ at such a young age and how she managed to successfully juggle home, work, family commitments and money, on her own special journey through life







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